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Dr. Thomas Belazzi

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Short company profile: bauXund - build healthy!

"bauXund forschung und beratung", which translates "build healthy research and consulting" is a Vienna (Austria) based consulting company specialized on environmental and health topics related to sustainable construction issues.

We work on various sustainability issues related to buildings, from defining environmental and energy efficiency criteria during development to implementing these standards during the construction or renovation phase. We do research projects as well as consult private developers and public authorities. Furthermore we regularly give trainings to developers and construction companies as well as public servants on sustainable construction issues.

We select our project partners from the networks we have built over the past 15 years. We work with other issue related specialists like architects, construction physics, energy efficiency specialists, installation engineers, facility management experts, building material and product suppliers etc.

A major focus of our work is on construction chemistry issues. We have developed a procedure called “chemicals management” to minimize the use of organic solvent / VOCs, plasticizer, heavy metals, PVC plastic, HFCs containing building product and chemicals like glues, paints or varnishes. This has already been implemented in approximately 800 projects (apartment and office buildings, schools, kindergartens, hospitals etc.) with a total of approx. 3.000.000 m² over the last 15 years with many more projects already in preparation. In these projects we e. g. could show that a 90% reduction of organic solvent / VOCs use as well as an equivalent reduction of measurable indoor air VOC levels is possible. A second focus is on the investigation of hazardous substances like asbestos, PCB and CFC in building products in existing buildings before demolition or revitalisation.

In addition we regularly organize conferences and training courses with varying topics within the field of sustainable buildings.

Finally we do research on many issues related to sustainable buildings with research partners from universities, private research institutes, consultancies as well as representatives of the public sector and industry.

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